Thanks for a Successful First Year!

The results are in, and we wanted to share the output of this year’s Purple Day 5k that was held here in South Jordan on March 24th, 2012. It was only last year that our daughter had completed a surgery which effectively detached the right hemisphere of her brain to gain control of the daily seizures she experienced.  This was our way of reaching out to others who knew and understood our story.  Our tagline is a very personal statement:  “Currently there is no cure for epilepsy, and for some individuals the finish line is far from sight. “  We know that we are not the only family affected by Epilepsy; we are not the only ones in this race, in this journey, in this fight to end seizures.

When we started talking about hosting the Purple Day 5k we expected to have a small event that would promote awareness.  Our goals were simple; we wanted to highlight Purple Day in Utah and advocate for better understanding of Epilepsy and seizures.  We also wanted to promote a more active lifestyle for anyone through participation in our 5k.  We were honored that Push to the Finish chose our race for their first event.    PTTF runners accompany children with physical disabilities so they can experience the enjoyment, competition, and sense of accomplishment of participating in a race.

All of the proceeds from our event went towards Epilepsy programs in Utah. This year we engaged Epilepsy Association of Utah to help fund their local awareness and outreach programs.  We were able to present a $1500 donation to Epilepsy Association of Utah.  Purple Day 5k also sponsored four CeCe Cares Bears for $160 through the CeCe Cares Pediatric Epilepsy Foundation, who this year will engage Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City as a part of their CeCe Bear® Initiative.

All of the funds raised in our first year were from race registrations or direct donations. There were some amazing people out there who offered in-kind donations for services or prizes, but there were no monetary sponsorships.  We had 160 registrations and 40 volunteers; in total over 250 people attended our event.    The biggest expenses for the race were t-shirts, event insurance, and race timing; we learned a lot from this first event and will work to reduce costs in the future.

We’re excited for next year.  Many of you have offered to help find sponsors or to assist planning the event, and we want to take you up on those offers.  Our goal next year is to find at least three sponsors, and to build the race up to 500 registrants.  We want to add fair events like face painting, purple bubble-blowing contests, chalk drawing, and a community story wall.  We want to bring community booths in for information on support groups, advocacy, clean living, therapy, medical, and awareness.  And we want to continue having fun.  We hope that you’ll join us!

Thank you for being a part of our very first Purple Day 5k for Epilepsy Awareness.

Greg and Angela Green, Purple Day 5k